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Attendee Spotlight: The Robot, Monster and Ghost Company


robot monsters ghost

One of the great things about running the conference is that I get to interact with some wonderful people from our community. I have to say that this company got my attention very quickly on Twitter. Tweeting from @RMGCo, they “threatened” our attendees with free schwag while crashing the event. Great stuff!

The Robot, Monster and Ghost Company is comprised of Kevin M. Scarbrough and Reina Castellanos Bermudez, who seem to work together separately form Chicago and Savannah. Niki Brown interviewed Kevin for part of her Design from Different Perspectives Series on the Design O’Blog.

Be sure to check out their style across multiple mediums. There are some outstanding items in their portfolio.

Check them out at and follow them on Twitter at @RMGCo


  1. The party will be crashed and swag will be given away! None are safe from being offered nerdy bits! Buwahaha! Looking forward to meeting you Dan & crew!

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  3. Quick note to anyone who stumbles across this page, we changed our website up! Ergo, new design! Muwaha. The conference was a MASSIVE success, and we hope to hit it up next year!


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