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The New Think Vitamin Membership



The new membership from Think Vitamin launched last week.

On top of being a great resource for designers, there is something extra cool related to this launch.

Carsonified hired on Nick Pettit and Jim Hoskins from Doctype TV to do the instructional videos. Nick and Jim attended the first Front-End Conf last year and they make it out to support many Florida events. They have done some great coverage of BarCamp Orlando and FOWA Miami. DocType is a sponsor of Front-End this year as well.

They are two really nice guys and I’m very glad to see them getting such a great opportunity.

Membership Features

As for being a resource, you should ¬†check it out to see if it’s right for you. They have a free 24-hour plan that will give you a good idea of the content available. I signed up for a Silver account because I want to be able to work through the HTML5 and CSS3 stuff and have access to some of the extras. It includes one online conference, which is Carsonified’s latest addition to their great offerings.

Everyone learns differently, but I really enjoy video tutorials over written ones. Partly because of the instructional feel, but also because it forces me to write the code. It’s easy to copy and paste parts of a tutorial to just get it working.

I may end up upgrading to get 6 online events. At $49 a month, it’s just under $600 per year. I paid $150 for the HTML Online Conference, so the 6 events are worth at least $900 and I get access to all of the other ones throughout the month. We’ll see.

So, be sure to check it out and hit up Nick and Jim on Twitter to let them know what you think.


  1. Hey Dan,

    Thanks so much for the kind words! Jim and I are realllyyy looking forward to Front-End Design Conf, because let’s face it, last year was friggin’ awesome. :)

    See you in July!

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